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Semi-Precious Stone Overlay Tiles

Welcome to the world of Semi-Precious Stone/ Gemstone tiles and products. It’s a true form of Nature’s legacy in every respect. It’s also a true example of how our Nature’s hidden treasures can be put to use in our day to day lives.
Raw material/Rough for making this exquisite range comes from across the countries. For example Lapis comes from Afghanistan, Red Jasper from Africa, Red Onyx from Germany, Petrified wood from Africa, Blue Agate from Brazil, Tiger Eye & Malachite from Africa again and Aventurine is found in our country i.e. India.

Once the raw material enters out factory, our skilled craftsmen & Artisans start a full process of manufacturing that involves cutting, laying and polishing of the said stones to bring back life into them. Products that may be made from this range include Bathroom Wall Tiles, Table Tops, Mirror Frames & Gift Boxes etc.


Fancy Jasper


Moss Agate

Red Jasper Canadian Z
Labradorite Melachite
Pertified Wood