Our Natural, Eco-Friendly & Earthen Wall Artworks would create the right atmosphere in your Guestrooms, while at the same time make them cozy. They would truly nurture the guests desire to be closer to nature. It is a trend that can no longer be ignored: the addition of Natural Materials, since these materials provide peace, warmth and character.
Raw Material Used to make this product is totally Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & environmentally responsible as it uses just 10% Stone in comparison to normal Stone tile.
Made in variety of Natural Stones like Slates, Sandstones & Marble, these pieces of Wall Artworks are handcrafted by our team of skilled craftsmen. Mainly it is an amalgamation of Sliced Stone with Authentic Hand Painted Experience.
Sliced Natural Stone Sheets is different, because it allows you to create thinner products that don’t lose their strength. It’s a perfect material to create elegant pieces. The best part about this product is its functionality and easy to handle approach.


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