PATTERN BACKED BY ALUMINUM HONEYCOMB

Eco–Friendly & Design Led Natural Stone Wall Panels offer an excellent & Sustainable option that doesn’t compromise on quality and range. Using 60% less Stone gives peace of mind that you’re using a product that is environmentally responsible and has a significantly small carbon footprint.

The Ultra-thin Natural Stone Panels are made of exquisitely cut and finely fitted stones and are extremely durable and strong, resistant to deforming, cracking and fading. They have an extremely low water absorption rate, making them resistant to dirt, staying cleaner for longer, with minimum maintenance required. Standard thickness of Stone is just about 6 mm.

Ultra- thin Natural Stone Panels offer an extensive range of Natural colors & textures, giving a wide range of choice to make sure there is something to perfectly compliment any interior design plan. We make natural stone panels that are lighter, stronger, faster to install and offers greater design freedom.

We look forward to bringing our Experience of making First Class Quality Stone Panels to your project.

Backing Option: Aluminum Honeycomb on which thin & finely cut stones are bonded to a honeycomb Matrix, permanently adhering stone to Aluminum. Being backed by Aluminum, Stone Panels have high impact resistance, become much lighter in weight, and are very easy to install with speed and at the same time a lot less thick.

Usage: Suitable for All Indoor Wall & Floor Applications. Suitable for Bathroom & Shower Walls

Maintenance: Very Easy to Maintain. Wipe out with a Soft & Wet Cotton Cloth. If Natural Stone is given the proper care, the Stone will sustain its beauty for many years to come.

*Please note: variations in color, shade, surface texture and size are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.


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